The Corporate Athlete® Journey App

The Corporate Athlete® Journey app is brought to you by Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, a pioneer in proven, sustainable behavior change – with over 30 years of research and results in the field of high performance and energy management.

Now there is a way to help you extend the journey you started in Corporate Athlete®. The Corporate Athlete® Journey App is a digital companion intended to help you sustain your ongoing engagement in your 90-day Training Mission, track and log your stress and strategic recovery and help you stay focused.

Available to Corporate Athlete® Resilience participants, the Corporate Athlete® Journey App requires a unique access code specific to your course.

Benefits of App:

  • Support to make Corporate Athlete® course prerequisite completions easier
  • Set and update your Purpose and Training Mission
  • Set and update your rituals, track your progress, identify what is and isn’t working
  • Access your Corporate Athlete® Resilience course materials
  • Quick tips based on what you learned in your Corporate Athlete® course
  • Personalized feedback based on how you're feeling
  • Helpful reminders to keep you on track

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